Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood Grades

Plywood Surface Grading / Qualities

Wood, due to its very nature varies in appearance from one piece to the next. A plywood grading system is used to specify aspects of the finished look of the plywood, thus allowing the user to select a material that is suitable for their application. Grading rules vary depending on the country in which the plywood is produced and the following information is a typical guide only and may not be accurate for all plywood. Please refer to the product specific information that can be found on the relevant product descriptions.

This is a very high quality grading (typically the best you will see). The surface of the material will be consistent in appearance with no large variations in colour. Small pin knots are allowed and these would typically be only a few mm in diameter.

C grade

This grade has the smoothest face available. It is Ideal for projects where the surface of the wood will be visible.

D grade

This grade shows the natural look of the wood. There will be changes in color that show the grain pattern. Sound, smooth knots are allowed and these will typically be under 15mm to 35mm in diameter (depending on the countries grading rules). The surface should normally be free from open knots and plugs. The material should be suitable for paint / stain or a lacquered finish.

E grade

Single piece face and back. Face and back grade veneers allow unlimited sound knots and repaired splits and unlimited patches. The panel is sound both sides and designed for laminating.