About Us

Circa 1997, DT Plywood has grown from a small rural operation serving the local community to a full fledged wholesale producer serving customers in East Asia and North America. Our years of knowledge and granted us to serve our loyal customers with the kind of care you’d expect from your own family. Our products are made at our factory in Vietnam, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. DT Plywood has maintained success we can only credit to our passion for customer service that sets us apart from others.

Our Staff

Tung “Ted” Pham

Born in the rural outskirts of Hanoi, Tung Pham has taken the reigns from his family that began producing plywood from a small factory in 1997. In his university years, Tung chose to study business for two years in the United States at Cal State Fulerton. Following his time in University, Tung, with his eager spirit, moved straight into plywood production, as is the family tradition. Tung worked his way from a quality control inspector to factory manager in a period of only 2 years. Tung is known for enjoying work so much he often doesn’t leave for home until late night hours. Along with his family, he has helped DT Plywood to grow and flourish.

Brian Bornhop

Born and raised in Orange, California, Brian Bornhop has become our sales manager. Brian, by chance, became roomates with Tung Pham while they both studied at Cal State University of Fullerton. After noticing Brian’s networking ability, Tung invited Brian to Vietnam to begin working with his family. Eager to learn, Brian moved straight into working in multiple fields. Aside from his work in plywood sales, Brian is passionate about education. He has devoted his spare time to teaching English in Vietnam and is the owner of an English school that hosts 150 students on the outskirts of Hanoi.

Duc Nguyen

Born by the banks of the famous Red River in Hanoi, Duc has been taken on as our Asian Market sales manger after entering and gaining experience in the lumber industry since the age of 20. Duc is a hard working individual who devoted his life to learning English and all spare time outside of his university courses to excelling in the purchasing and sales aspects of the lumber industry. Duc was introduced to us as a coworker of Brian Bornhop(our US Sales Manager) who alongside Duc as an English teacher in his school. The two have worked together for over two years and we are proud to have taken him on as our newest key player in the DT Plywood family.